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I'll try to keep this as brief as possible :-) I started as a coin dealer in 1999 with an eBay account based in the U.S.A as eBay.co.uk hadn't been invented yet! hence the Americanised spelling of Collectibles. My original background was as a collector of British Milled coins 1816 to 1967 and over the years I built up a near complete collection. Interests evolved and a fascination with Roman, Hammered and early milled silver came into play.

I believe that during my career I may have sold an example of every major British milled coin type, with the obvious few exceptions. I also deal in many types of collectible and I've developed a large range of coin collecting accessories to suit pretty much every collectors needs. UKB has many regular customers from around the world with 1000's of packages going out every month to the United States, Canada, Australia and Asia with regular buyers in the Middle East and South America.

I've provided items to such institutions as the Royal Mint, The British Museum and the National Museum of Iraq. Wedding planners regularly call on me for their "lucky Sixpences" and I've also provided for the Maundy Ceremony 2009 and for numerous high profile television, stage and film productions and for the last few years I've supplied Silver Sixpences to newly qualified Royal Air Force pilots helping them maintain the tradition of sewing a sixpence behind their "wings".

I relocated to Winnington Hall Business Centre in 2009 and Helen joined me in 2010. Please contact me at any time if you have any questions or comments at all.

Dave Walters

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